All About the Festival_

Back2the80s was the natural progression for our team after years of entertaining Manchester. We had the realisation that our community doesn’t have many big dates in its Calendar for families to enjoy. With the popularity of the eighties in surprisingly younger audiences, we thought this could be a common ground for parents and children.

The team then set about to find the very best tribute artists available from all over the country. We believe award winning and sanctioned by the actual artist is a good solid foundation for quality and professionalism. The artist list had to also be ‘fun’ as the eighties did in spades!

We also remembered the eighties wasn’t just about unique acts, it was about the movies! This is where the idea of movie night came about. The team had a hard time deciding on two iconic films the whole family could enjoy and we think our choices will reflect some of the very best; Back to the Future and Dirty Dancing!

Back to The Future is rated  and contains mild language and violence.
Dirty Dancing is rated  and contains moderate sex references.


There will plenty more 80’s goodness at the festival, including an amazing replica DeLorean and lots of stalls and stands offering fun things to do, delicious things to eat, and drinks to suit every tipple! See what amazing food and drink we have to offer you here.

We will also be keeping the prices at a level that makes this truly available for all the community to enjoy. This along with discounted early bird tickets and family discounts hopefully shows our intention to support our community.

Fancy joining us? Grab your tickets now!